A tale of a man who wishes for his soul to be free. After gaining the ability to control time, Troy sets off on an adventure, guided by a mysterious voice in an attempt to fulfill his long-time – potentially misleading- destiny: saving the world! Kill or show mercy, the choice is yours. Your actions lead to certain consequences and outcomes that cannot be undone! Be warned, this journey is not for the faint of heart. Inspired by old school pixel RPG’s and JRPG’s, The Revenant Prince hopes to bring a delightful experience for all and pay homage to the genre as a whole.


Serious production began for The Revenant Prince in early 2015 with one head developer from Jakarta Indonesia and several freelancers from all around the globe. The whole idea came from our nostalgic love for classic JRPG titles such as Golden Sun, and Grandia. These games inspired us to create our very own title with a narrative based on one man’s journey to uncover his mysterious and dark past. We eagerly hope this game would be a source of fun for many and also something to remember us by! We are working towards a PC release sometime in 2020 with intentions of localizing it in various different languages over time.


  • Singleplayer gameplay with potentially irreversible consequences.
  • Real time battles with an arsenal of weapons and magic!
  • Interaction with a variety of enemies for interesting outcomes.
  • The ability to play god (literally) and toy with the lives of many!
  • A simple blend of pixel and paint art style.


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We're a small studio based in Jakarta Indonesia. You can learn more about us at

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You can find out more about this project on or its official website. You can also follow its social media pages! Although I do recommend twitter as that is its most updated social media page to date. You can follow its twitter account at @revenant_prince

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