The Revenant Prince

Frequently Asked Questions

The Revenant Prince is a story-driven indie JRPG developed by Nomina Games and Darrel Wijaya.

The Revenant Prince is being developed by Nomina Games, a well developed game developer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

It's about a man trying to uncover his dark past guided by a strange disembodied voice. I cannot go into detail because...spoilers!

There isn't a specific date as of yet, but sometime during 2020.

We aren't sure whether we should release it on consoles. It honestly depends on how well it does!

The game is being developed on RPG Maker MV. It is also coded in with Javascript. So it should theoretically run on your browser. (Although I wouldn't recommend it.)

Yes! Please, by all means! You are also free to monetize your videos in regards to this as well.

We are currently aiming for a Windows release this year, but rest assured we will definitely strive towards releasing the game for both Macintosh and Linux operating systems in the near future.